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Shannon Malone-deBenedictis (class of 1992) and Jay Danner-McDonald (class of 1993) joined their alma mater’s print publication, SCAN Magazine, to discuss the process behind creating the Disney+ special, their journeys in the industry and how a passion for learning has led them both into documentary storytelling.


The award is considered to be the “highest bar of achievement in natural history filmmaking.”


“As one of the biggest projects that Red Rock Films has taken on to date, it took a dedicated and passionate team to bring this series to life. From the divers and scientists to camera crew, editors and production coordinators, we want to thank all the tremendous talent that contributed to the special.” – Brian Armstrong, Red Rock Films.


“To grow as an industry, we need as many voices as possible to be heard – voices with different points of view, different backgrounds, different approaches,” she says.