Brian Armstrong

An award-winning filmmaker, producer, journalist, author, and environmental advocate, Brian Armstrong has been a creative force in media for more than 30 years. Since launching Red Rock Films in 2010 after an extensive career with National Geographic Television and before that as an Australian news journalist, Armstrong has built the U.S.-based production company into one of the world’s largest, and perhaps most technically innovative producers of natural history content. From filming humpback whales in Antarctica to endangered drill monkeys in Nigeria, the company has developed over 100 films, with work that has been watched by hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide.

Current Red Rock projects include Secrets of the Whales premiering on Disney+ this Earth Day 2021, and an eight-part wildlife series for Netflix in summer 2021. Armstrong also spearheads Red Rock International and Red Rock Kids. He is the author of The Exotic Booze Club, a memoir of adventures in expedition filmmaking and is a mentor for National Geographic’s Field Ready diversity program. In his spare time, he is an avid horse rider and cheese maker.