Shannon Malone-deBenedictis

Senior Vice President of Development and Production
Shannon Malone-deBenedictis is a creative storyteller and a leading figure in film development and production spanning several genres, from nonfiction to lifestyle. With an extensive career as an editor, producer and in-house development executive, she excels in taking a “10,000 foot” approach to a project — with a passion for problem-solving and an ease in grasping both creative and network business interests. Before joining Red Rock, Malone-deBenedictis built her career in non-fiction film production at companies such as Wag TV, National Geographic, and Discovery Communications, with notable films such as Discovery Atlas and Planet Earth. Her current Red Rock projects include Secrets of the Whales premiering on Disney+ this Earth Day 2021, an eight-part wildlife series for Netflix in summer 2021 and a Sharkfest special for National Geographic. A former video installation artist, Malone-deBenedictis is also a native Washingtonian, avid news reader and proud Nationals baseball fan.